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Aftershock: San Francisco & Venice is an area control game. Players will spend money to acquire cards, which are used to increase population, build bridges, and determine where aftershocks occur. Negotiate with other players to score areas on the placement board.Spend money wisely to acquire the needed cards that move people back into the demolished areas. Make deals to score points in Aftershock!

Published by Stronghold Games
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In Quota, players play a game within a game, anytime, anywhere. Simply give each player a card with two quotes, which they have to sneak into conversation without getting caught. Play during game night, a dinner out, a camping trip, and more. Each quote is worth points based on its difficulty. The winner at the end of the night then gets an agreed-upon prize.Playing is simple- draw a card with two quotes, keep them secret, and carry on with your evening. Then, when the time is right, sneak a quote into conversation. If you get caught, then get a new card. If you don't, and the conversation carries on, show your card and get the points, drawing a new card. What will your score be at the end of the night?

Published by Story Machine Games
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'Folding Space' is a highly approachable and beautifully designed game for 3 to 6 players, ages 10 and older and takes approximately 30-45 minutes to play. Featuring an innovative infinity board for simultaneous action selection, players will pillage resources, acquire treasure maps, and battle their space pirate rivals on a modular tile map.

- Innovative infinity board orders your crew around
- Simultaneous action for light speed game play
- Space battles around the rings of Saturn
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